The Lost Empire collapsed over 1000 years ago, leaving crumbling castles, ruined cities, abandoned strongholds, nameless dungeons, and temples of shunned gods dotting the landscape. 
The Northron Lands have been formed and shaped by the merciless forces of history, and time.  Ancient catastrophes, terrible wars, and great tragedies have delivered consequences that gave rise to other catastrophes and disasters.  This endless cycle of death, rebirth, growth and decay has continued for thousands of years, across hundreds of kingdoms and cities.

Our tale of bold adventure begans in the Northron Lands, in the large village of Icerock, home to nearly 1000 people, and the Temple of Haeln, the God of Protection. 

The countryside is overrun by bandits and blackguards, as  the harshest winter in decades strikes with a fury in the Northron Lands.

The Lost Empire

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